Wow, A New Site – A New Me?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – like nearly eight months, and now I have a new site? Yikes.

Why Has It Been So Long?

My last post discussed me finding a new passion in photography, this passion has kept me pretty busy, as well as a pretty crazy summer, and then an even more crazy start to my final year of college. Though, since February (the last time I posted) I have wanted to upgrade this site into both a portfolio and place to house my images, as well as continuing my blog.

This upgrade hasn’t been the easiest – finding a theme I enjoyed as well as one that made sense with my materials was a bigger challenge than expected. I also wanted to ensure that I had enough photographs to place on the new website to make it seem not barren. A road trip to Washington, a concert, and several portrait sessions later – I think I finally have enough content to make things interesting.

Yet, to blame my absence completely on being busy would be somewhat of a lie. Obviously throughout other posts I have expressed my issues with anxiety and depression, and these are things that I truly battle with 24/7. Sometimes mental health issues cause you to not pursue things that you enjoy because your brain can’t focus long enough to figure things out. Or, you think, “what’s the point?” and end up not trying either. But, I’m trying to get in a better place. I’ve been going to therapy regularly, I take medication regularly, and I’m trying to figure my life out without letting myself hold me back.

What’s Going to be New?

I think it’s crucial for me to not promise content. I genuinely wish that I could set a specific schedule, but I just can’t right now. Between school, grad-school applications, volunteering, and everything else, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed to put out content and not put out my best content possible. I got overwhelmed my last go around, and don’t plan to this one.

Expect a lot more media content, this could mean a wide variety of things. Photographs of course, but I’m also trying to figure out video editing, and my husband and I have discussed the possibility of creating a podcast. We are also hoping to eventually build a game together – of course that would be a long process, but I would happily take you all along for the journey!

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If you’ve stuck around, thank you. If you’re angry that I haven’t posted in months – I understand that as well. But here is to hoping that this new site can be a platform for a plethora of content ranging from photos to blogs to videos and everything in-between.

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