Finally Finding My Passion

I’ve been quite absent lately. I have no excuses, so I won’t even try to give any.

What is My Passion?

This semester of college has brought on a lot more mentally than I thought it would. Even more so it has allowed me to finally find the one thing I really enjoy doing. Due to me finding something I am super passionate about though I have had a hard time, mentally, figuring out how to focus my energy a) into the thing I’m passionate about, and b) all the other things I enjoy in life – like this blog.

It has taken me three years of college, numerous major changes (I’m talking maybe five or six), and a lot of mental stress regarding my future to get to the point I am today. This semester I finally found the thing I wake up in the morning and instantly think of doing. The thing I can do for hours and never really feel like I’m doing any work. The thing I can be proud of myself for, and if it doesn’t turn out the way I want I don’t get upset at myself- which is a really big deal for me. This thing is photography.

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How Has This Affected My Mental Health?

Realizing how much I love photography has been really hard for me to accept, considering college and my future has never been clear to me – regardless of what major I changed to. Over the past few weeks, I have allowed myself to really delve into the world of photography. I pushed myself to work harder on class projects, I have been watching videos of various photographers discussing their work, and I’ve even been taking several online classes to learn even more about the ways of photography. Doing this has made me love it even more.

As someone who deals with a lot of mental health issues, photography feels like the one thing that causes me no stress. This feeling is very new to me as everything causes me stress, but this feeling is what made me realize how much I absolutely adore holding a camera and how much fun it is to put the photos through editing services to get them the way I want them.

What Happens Now for Living Overload?

I feel like this question has been on my mind for the past several weeks. After thinking over it for a while this blog is going to remain just the same – except now I’m going to be actively posting more content. Now that I feel more confident in what I’m passionate about, I am hoping it’ll be easier to focus my energy in producing the content for this blog. This content may change throughout time. As I progress in photography I may also post more blogs regarding the photos I am taking. Regardless, the goal for me is to still put out the content I originally intended to.

I am also interested in what you, as the reader, are wanting to see me write about? Is it more mental health blogs, or maybe reviews and travel? Please let me know below so I can work on upcoming content!


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    Kelsey Mays

    This is too good, I love reading your writing!! I’d say make some more mental health blogs-at least that’s what I’m really into reading. But I also adore the travel type blogs as well and you could share your photography through your them, which I would love to see!

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