Wormsloe Historic Site

The Trees

When entering Wormsloe you are immediately hit with the most beautiful mile-long path of oak trees covered in Spanish moss. This path is both walkable and drivable; considering how gorgeous it was Aaron and I decided to walk it as it was only a mile. An hour, 100 pictures, and intruding on somebody’s wedding photos later, we had managed to walk to the end of the path. There was something so serene about these trees and the mistiness of the air. It felt otherworldly as if I had been transported to my dreams. I didn’t want to leave but there was more to explore than just the beautifully- mossy oak trees.

Everything Else

After arriving at the end of Oak Avenue, we made it to the more touristy stuff; replica huts, old ruins of a fort, and a beautiful marsh. We knew we didn’t have much time so we booked it through as much as we could. As Aaron and I arrived towards the marsh, Wormsloe once again transported us to some otherworldly place. I could have gotten lost staring at the tall grass and trees out in the distance for hours. Sadly though, I snapped a few photos and we had to move on to the next thing. We then looked at the old fort ruins, learned about the architecture and how things were built out of oyster shells, and began to head back to the car.

Is Wormsloe Worth a Visit?

If it isn’t obvious by the things I’ve said, Wormsloe is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. If we would have had a few more hours to enjoy the scenery and the things they had to offer I think we would have enjoyed it even more. So, if you’re ever in Savannah be sure to swing by Wormsloe to be transported to another world – just be sure to give yourself more than two hours!

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