Two Days in Savannah, Georgia

When planning a vacation in the United States that would be slightly romantic and also not cost a fortune Savannah, Georgia ended up being the place to go. This was the fourth trip my husband and I had planned together since getting married; while we canceled the other three before they could take off, this one made it through.

The planning for the trip was pretty vague – having canceled several other trips I think neither of us wanted to put in the effort to plan to then see all our planning never become a reality. This ended up working quite to our advantage as for the two days we were there we really got to just do as we wanted without any restrictions.

The only planning we did do is hotel reservations. We stayed at the Thunderbird Inn which in its reviews many people complained about it’s distance to everything – though we found it to be in a great location as we walked almost everywhere we went. For the price, and it also being pet-friendly, it was perfect. We got there and we were presented with freshly popped popcorn in the check-in area, and then in our room, we got two RC cola’s and a moon pie; they also gave Lady (our dog) a sweetheart collar tag that reads “The Thunderbird Inn Loves Me”.

As far as food, we have quite the restrictions. I cannot eat gluten and we both eat a plant-based diet. These restrictions typically are hard to function within new places, but we found several new places and even one place in particular that we ate at twice due to how good it was.

We didn’t do many attractions as we spent most of our two days walking around the city enjoying the old architecture; we did go to Bonaventure Cemetary and Wormsloe Historic Site. Both of these places were absolutely incredible and definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Savannah.

On the way home, we decided to travel the A1A in Florida down to Daytona. We enjoyed stopping off several times at a few beaches, and even a taco shop in St. Augustine that ended up being incredible. It was a long journey home, but it really allowed us to transition back from vacation to regular life.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting more in depth of the things we did in Savannah, so keep your eye open for that!

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