Bonnaroo Lineup Reaction

Bonnaroo 2019 – here I come!

My husband and I purchased our tickets on December 31st since then the waiting game drew out. Yesterday, January 8th, the lineup was finally released and we were able to see if the money we dropped was worth it or not.

I went to Bonnaroo once before in 2013; I was 14 and only went to see Paul McCartney. Every year since then I’ve dreamt of going back as it was such an experience. I quite frankly didn’t care who was on the lineup, I knew it was going be a good time. As each year passed another ‘roo would pass along with it, so to finally be going back six years later is already something I’m cherishing dearly. This, however, will be my husbands’ first music festival of any sorts (unless you want to count Warped Tour). I’m curious what his reaction will be, though I know we will have a great time

Now to get to the reaction:

The rumors were crazy, everything from Paul McCartney to Foo Fighters – yet neither are included on the final set. Am I upset that some of the largely rumored bands aren’t on there? In short – no. I’m going to Bonnaroo for the experience and to learn about new bands that will likely become my new favorites – as Alt-J did back in 2013.
I will say I was ecstatic for The Lumineers to be headlining, as their album Cleopatra is one of my all-time favorite albums. I’m also pretty excited for Post Malone to be headlining. As far as the other headliners (except The Lonely Island, of course), I’ve never really listed to Phish or really any of the other ones. I have 155 days to learn to love all the other bands. Some of the non-headliner bands are pretty phenomenal already. As I was creating my day-by-day playlists I was listening to the bands as I went along, some of them are really stellar and I’m already excited to be able to experience their music live.

I can say initially I’m most excited to see Phish (I’ve read they have incredible shows), Post Malone, The Lonely Island, Childish Gambino, Hobo Johnson & the Lovemakers, and Mac DeMarco. Though as stated above, I’ll likely have a long-full weekend after listening to everyone else.

All-in-all, I’ll be patiently waiting for June 13th to roll around so that I can once again have the experience of a lifetime – but this time with my husband.

If you have any suggestions of bands to check out from the lineup be sure to drop them in a comment down below!

Bonnaroo Lineup

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