Creating My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s 2019, which means another list of New Year’s resolutions that you may or may not complete. But who cares? You lived for one more year, pat yourself on the back for that accomplishment.

I wish I could say this was going to be a highly-motivational blog on how to kick in those New Year resolutions. In actuality, this blog is me putting my resolutions out to the general public in hopes that since other people know about them I will feel obligated to actually work towards completing them.

Plus, chances are if they’re on this list I’m going to talk about them throughout the year!

My New Years Resolutions:

Gain 10-15lbs

Yes, I’m aware this resolution is the opposite of what is on most peoples list. Truth is though that a lot of people struggles with gaining weight; it sucks. The diet that I choose to eat, which is plant-based and gluten-free, hinders me even more from gaining much weight; I also tend to skip breakfast which doesn’t help me at all. My goal is to just begin adopting healthier eating habits, which will hopefully lead to me gaining at least 15 or so pounds by the end of 2019.

Read 12 New Books

Regardless that I have a bookshelf filled with various books, I rarely read. The last time I read an entire book was last year but before then it was at least four-plus years since I had read something in its entirety. I already have chosen the twelve books I am going to read this year, and also already placed them in which month I want to read them in. Hopefully, this year I will finally re-spark my love for reading.

Start Meditating and a Yoga Practice

Throughout high school, I delved into practicing yoga quite frequently yet as soon as I got into college I never took the time to practice anymore. It was something I enjoyed doing, and I realize it’s probably time for me to begin practicing again. I’d also like to start meditating as I have done so a few times a really enjoy it. By the end of the year, my goal is to be practicing yoga three times a week and meditating daily.


I have a few more personal resolutions but all of them have a common theme – bettering myself. I also ensured that none of my resolutions were impossible to obtain, therefore at the end of the year, I’ll have a better chance of actually obtaining my goals and not feeling as though I wasted 2019 away.

What are your New Years resolutions? Comment them below!


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  1. 1
    Debra Chapman

    I told myself that my goal was to also read, however, I’m starting out with a much smaller goal. 5 books for me, so if you find a really good read, please let me know. Also, another goal I would like to reach is to be more active. Since retirement, I have slacked off. Not good! Thirdly, I need to be better about making contact with friends that I haven’t spent time with lately. While I may talk to them on the phone, I need to make a point of setting dates to do something with them. I miss them.

    • 2

      I’ll be posting my reading list for 2019 tomorrow! I haven’t read any of them before, but I’ll be reviewing them at the end of each month as well!
      Good luck on your resolutions 💕 I hope you have a fantastic year!

  2. 3
    Emily Lenkiewicz

    Yoga/meditation is so helpful for my anxiety – I hope it does the same for you! Wish you the best and I miss you SO much!

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